Thursday, July 02, 2009

Want to know what a smug idiot sounds like?

Like this

I've blogged before about Neal Boortz's belief that global warming is a communist conspiracy to destroy global capitalism (see here and here) and how moronic the "evidence" he provides for such a belief is (here and here, for example), but you can't really appreciate how absurdly smug Boortz is despite the enormity of his wrongness without actually hearing him rant about the "global warming scam."

I mean, really, is the NOAA in on the conspiracy? NASA, the NAS, virtually every major scientific organization on the planet, the journals, science magazines ... these are all left-wing commies out to destroy capitalism? Somehow the "Left" was able to infiltrate and take over all these groups and scientific disciplines at a global organization level after having come up with the idea that regulating carbon emisssions and improving fuel efficiency and other such actions would magically "destroy capitalism" by requiring the developed world to spend about 1-2% of GDP on such measures?


Anonymous said...

Smug Idiot? Who are referring to? Boortz or yourself? Facts are facts, Mr. Global Warming, Al Gore, has lost credibility but he has become very wealthy! I guess Boortz is incorrect this global warming scam is firmly in the hands of the capitalists.

Hume's Ghost said...

So I gather you also believe that every scientific magazine in publication in the US have all also lost credibility, and that to get accurate science you should turn to Boortz, CEI, Heritage, Investor's Business Daily, etc.

Never mind the scientific literature across multiple disciplines.