Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jon Stewart nails the anti-Obama hate-mongers

I've never seen Dora the Explorer sound so scary!

And for the record, remember when Glenn Beck got all upset that anyone might suggest his anti-government, anti-Obama paranoid delusions might make hate-based murders like those of James Van Brunn more likely? Well, when Glenn Beck says that Obama is a black Marxist who hates white people he's saying exactly the sort of thing that you routinely hear from white supremacists like James Van Brunn.

Glenn Beck isn't a white supremacist, but it certainly is disturbing that the hatred of "liberals" that Beck has leads him to a confluence of conspiracy theory with white supremacists motivated by a hatred of blacks, Jews, and others they consider non-"white." And more disturbing than that is the fact that Fox News is willing to profit from Beck's daily and on-going promotion of lunatic hatred of Obama.

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