Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everything you need to know about Bernard Goldberg in under 3 minutes

Bernard Goldberg is the designated "expert" in the conservative movement when it comes to saying that the mainstream press is "liberally biased." Everything you need to know about the sort of process of critical thought (or lack there of) that Goldberg employs towards this end is on display in the clip above, where Goldberg concludes that Lou Dobbs is right to promote Birther conspiracy and speculates that Obama is deliberately keeping the conspiracy alive by not releasing his birth certificate so that he and his "Chicago mafia" can make conservatives look bad.

I guess he didn't watch it because it's the "liberal media," but Chris Matthews has already shown that it ain't all that hard to find Obama's birth certificate. Nevermind that Goldberg is white-washing Dobbs promoting the idea that Obama isn't really a citizen or that Goldberg is himself helping to promote it by stupidly saying that Obama's birth certificate has yet to be produced.

How much more of cartoonish clown can Bernard Goldberg become?

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Grung_e_Gene said...

I have a theory. And the theory is this...

I have a theory too, Mr. Goldberg. You are evil man who survives by receiving blood transfusions from the freshly pierced hearts of the women Bill O'Reilly likes to sexually harass and Mr. Goldberg likes to stick onions down his pants to keep people away from his tiny genitals.

There are no "Regular Republicans" the Republican party has become the Insanity Party of the Elite 1% working feverishly to keep the spigot of money flowing into their coffers and to keep Americans subsiding on the scraps from their table while hoping some unbalanced Birther will assassinate Obama. That's what Mr. Goldberg wants he wants a Birther to assassinate Obama.