Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How right-wing propaganda poisons the well of democracy

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Watching that video, it's not just a party of villains that the Republican party is becoming, but a party of kooks. Kook villains who have no respect for truth.

Does this mean that I'm saying that all Republicans are kooks and dishonest villains? No, of course not. But what is quite apparent from that video and well, actually observing the Republican party and its politics, is that there is a culture of dishonesty, kookiness, and extremism that is rewarded and cultivated within the party.

When you have an elected Republican member of Congress talking to Alex Jones about President Obama planning to kill people like Mao and Hitler there is something seriously wrong with the Republican party.

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Spocko said...

I think they left out the reason that they believe Obama wants to kill the elderly.

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