Thursday, July 02, 2009

Glenn Beck ACORN paranoia still growing

Yesterday, on his Fox News program, Beck said that "I fear for my country" because of ACORN (so that's in addition to fearing for his life.) His guest was one of the hacks from some kind of Republican lawyer group that has been doing the Karl Rove strategy of endless trumped up litigation against the organization. After Beck stated his fear of ACORN because it's so vast and what not, the guest went on to describe its nefarious activities: registering people to vote, encouraging them to then vote.

The horror!

Kidding aside, if you want to fully appreciate how demented it is that Fox News is employing someone who appears to be going insane with paranoia, you should understand within the context of the program and his worldview that Beck seems to consider ACORN to be a harbinger of this (i.e. Beck believes that ACORN is facilitating a global, violent liberal fascist communist revolution.)

And while we're at it, if this post some how catches the attention of someone with the means to do so, could we get a running count of how many times Glenn Beck says "common sense" to hawk his book in the course of a day (counting his radio show, tv show, and appearances elsewhere such as the O'Reilly Factor.) I'm guessing somewhere close to 70ish. He really is turning into a kind of secular evangelist huckster.

Update: Unrelated to ACORN, but equally deranged.


Left-wing Wacko said...

Ha, thats funny, some anarchist group put out a pamphlet and he freaks!

Hume's Ghost said...

Yes, and he's still failed to make the connection that the last time a Democrat became president in this country it was the "right-wing" extremist Turner Diaries that inspired domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh.

You don't see any pundit "liberals" saying that the "Right" is about to try to take over the planet with violent revolution because of that, though.