Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why is Howard Dean hosting Countdown?

One of the most obvious means we have of telling that Fox News is not a news network is its revolving door between Republican politics and and Fox "news." The network is run by Republican operatives and employs Republican politicians, strategists, operatives, and hacks as hosts, commentators, and analysts. The line between what is supposed to be journalism and Republican propaganda is blurred out of existence.

So when Howard Dean steps down as DNC chair and moves on a few months later to guest host two episodes of MSNBC's Countdown I'm not exactly thrilled with another network deciding to create a revolving door between Democratic politics and what is supposed to be objective journalism. Sure, having Dean guest host might generate ratings, but it's not worth sacrificing your credibility.

There ought to be a distinct line between politics and journalism, and having someone so heavily and currently involved in Democratic politics fill a spot that is supposed to be reserved for a journalist blurs that line beyond distinction.


NAL said...

Good point.

Plus he sucks at hosting. Keith hasn't had a good guest host since Rachel.

NAL said...

I was wondering why BillO hadn't gotten any of the Worst Persons in the World awards lately. Now I know:

GE's silencing of Olbermann

Hume's Ghost said...

My preference is for Alison Stewart as guest host.

NAL said...

Watched Countdown last night. It's good to have Keith back, none of his guest hosts even come close. He did mention why BillO hadn't been getting any Worst Persons awards and I now remember that he had given that reason.

Maybe Ben Affleck could be a guest host.

NAL said...

This event is getting curiouser and curiouser:

Keith Olbermann Gives Contradictory Statement to Glenn Greenwald

There will be a cloud over Olbermann's credibility until he clarifies what really happened.