Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fox News still legitimizing Obama birther conspiracy theory

High school graduate Sean Hannity, one of the shining stars of Republican anti-intellecutalism, had this to say about the army reserve soldier who refused to follow his deployment orders on the grounds that President Obama isn't a citizen

Hannity: Now we told you yesterday about and Army Reserve soldier who challenged his deployment orders on the grounds that president Obama has not proven that he is a U.S. citizen. Now that soldier, Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, who was supposed to deploy to Afghanistan in the coming days, has now had his orders revoked. According to his lawyer, quote, "They just said order revoked. No explanation, no reasons, just revoked."

Now, Major Cook and his lawyers expressed joy at this outcome, and they took it as an admission on the part of the military that the president is not, in fact, a legitimate citizen by birth.
It really defies description how insane Fox News is. Here we have Sean Hannity uncritically repeating the kook claim (see the link) of Orly Taitz that the military has acknowledged that President Obama is not a US citizen. It has done no such thing (again, see the link.)


Left-wing Wacko said...

And of course the fact that Hannity is giving publicity to an enlisted soldier who is trying to avoid serving duty in an overseas war is sooo rich with irony.

First, it is a war begun by Bush which of course Hannity supports! So why would it necessarily matter whether Obama has proven his citizenship or not, as long a he is continuing his beloved's policy?

To attempt to avoid military service for any real political reason is a travesty in Hannity's normal thinking, but if its motivated by some bizarre fantasy like Obama not really being the legitimate president, then Hannity supports G.I. resistance?

smrstrauss said...

Turns out that the solidier, Major Cook, actually volunteered to serve in Afghanistan in May. (In May, Obama was president, so the Major was volunteering to serve under him in Afghanistan). Then the Major took the volunteer offer back. Okay, so the Army took him at his word and cancelled the order for him to go to Afghanistan.