Friday, July 31, 2009

Does no one at Fox News care that Glenn Beck is deranged?

From The O'Reilly Factor, here is Glenn Beck attempting to explain to Bill O'Reilly why Beck jumped up on his desk wearing lederhosen to recite a pledge of Americorps earlier on the Glenn Beck program.

O'REILLY: So AmeriCorps, you volunteer to help your community or another community. I did that in college. I never had a problem with it. I was in Kentucky and (UNINTELLIGIBLE), help the poor people.

BECK: I have never had a problem with AmeriCorps. Never.

O'REILLY: Nobody forced me to wear short pants but I went, and it was good.

BECK: I want to know when you're in AmeriCorps, are you going to get — because we're going to make them. Do they get little badges? Do they get, like, this badge I got for harassing a bank?

O'REILLY: What's wrong with that? What is wrong with a bunch of people signing up to help other people?

BECK: Because you've got a community organizer as president of the United States.
There you have it. An insane person sitting there staring O'Reilly in the face, telling him that "community organizer" equals Nazi brownshirt and he jokes around about it.

Why O'Reilly bothered playing dumb and asked him about the costume is beyond me: Beck did it because he's saying that President Obama is creating a fascist army of Obama's Youth. I'm sure if someone had said/done something similar with President Bush O'Reilly would have brought him/her on the show to joke around about it. What's more, O'Reilly does in fact know exactly what Beck is doing but chooses to act like its in doubt

O'REILLY: No. 2 — No. 2, I said to myself, is this the Hitler Youth thing he's doing?


O'REILLY: You know, because the Hitler Youth had the little short pants.

BECK: Yes, but that's lederhosen there. That's completely different.

O'REILLY: Are you sure it wasn't the Hitler Youth thing that you were doing with the AmeriCorps stuff?

BECK: I think people — I think people — that would confuse people. I think they might — just saying.

O'REILLY: Beck, I think it was the Hitler Youth thing.

BECK: I don't know what you're talking about, Bill O'Reilly. And I am offended by that and confused.
Har har, very funny. The more Beck does this nonsense, the less of an ability he has to claim seriously that he doesn't have anything to do with creating an environment conducive to more extremist "far right" violence motivated by hatred/fear/paranoia of the Obama administration.

And as Newshounds points out, President Bush himself sought to encourage volunteer public service with the creation of USA Freedom Corps which included Americorps under its umbrella, yet Beck - who continues to tell his audience that this isn't a Republican/Democrat issue for him - wasn't telling his audience that the government is creating a fascist shadow army to install a totalitarian state straight out of 1984.

Funny how that works.

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Psyberian said...

This may be a double-edged sword. That deranged Glenn is a spokesperson for the republicans is in a way a good thing. Surely most Americans are turned off when they hear him.