Saturday, March 08, 2008

Global warming alarmists wrong again!

If you've been listening to the communist socialist liberal fascists known as "scientists" you might have been worried about rising sea levels as a result of global warming that could potentially devastate coastal civilization. Fortunately, I understand that if you want to know about science you've got to go the the proper authority: Neal Boortz.

See, once again the global warming hoax has been exposed by the brilliant Neal Boortz. Those "scientists" don't tell you about the big picture. Why worry about rising sea levels this century if sea levels are going to drop 10 million years from now? Heck, 80 million years from now the ocean levels are supposed to drop 120 meters!

- Sarcasm off - It never ceases to amaze, the power of ideology to blind someone to reality ... the very article Boortz links to says:

Still, the projected rate of fall works out at 0.015 centimeters a century -- irrelevant when the U.N. Climate Panel estimates that seas will rise by 18-59 cms by 2100 because of global warming stoked by human use of fossil fuels.

"Compared to what is expected due to climate change, the fall is negligible," said Steinberger. Cities from Miami to Shanghai are threatened by rising seas that could also swamp low-lying island nations in the Pacific.

Rising temperatures raise sea levels because water in the oceans expands as it warms, and many glaciers are melting into the seas.

Antarctica and Greenland now contain enough ice to raise sea levels by 50 meters if they all melted, the article said. If all ice on land were gone in 80 million years' time, the net drop in ocean levels would be 70 meters rather than the projected 120.


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Further in sarcasms...
Here is a video of the canadian stance on global warming:

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Pretty funny