Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The dumbest f'ing thing I've heard in a while

Global warming is a scam. Want the proof? It's cold today in Atlanta. So said Neal Boortz today.

It makes my head explode trying to understand how people can listen to this kind of shit and not say to themselves, "this guy is a fucking moron."

Really, he may as well have said, "it's 63 degrees today, yet it was 68 degrees yesterday ... so much for global warming." Seriously, Neal Boortz listeners - how? How can you not see how dumb this is?

Do you realize that this line of reasoning implies that climatologists have argued that it will never be cold on any day anywhere on the planet ever again, which is prima facie something absurd to believe. Do you realize that there is an inconsistency between Boortz saying global warming is a scam because the sun is getting hotter and it being cold in Atlanta today?

Do you really consider Boortz saying it's cold in Atlanta today to be a refutation of the research of the world's top climatologists? God help us if you do.


Jennifer said...

Oh yeah? Well today it's warm in Tennessee. So that means global warming is real!!

What a moron. People who don't understand the difference between climate and daily temperatures should shut up about climate change.

The Truffle said...

Dear Mr. Boortz.

I am in New York City. It is January. It is 57 degrees. So...***RASPBERRY***.