Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A party of liars

Via Kevin Drum, I see Newt Gingrich is spreading lies to foster the (seemingly racist) notion that Christians are under attack from pro Muslim, anti-Christian liberal judges.

You have Obama nominating Judge Hamilton, who said in her ruling that saying the words Jesus Christ in a prayer is a sign of inappropriate behavior, but saying Allah would be OK. You'll find most Republican senators voting against a judge who is confused about whether you can say Jesus Christ in a prayer, particularly one who is pro-Muslim being able to say Allah.
You can read the link to see that Gingrich is lying from start to finish (even getting the sex of the judge wrong.)

What's troubling about the reality detachment of the conservative movement is that there seems to be no consequence at all for the generation of lies and misinformation. As long as it serves an ideological purpose, fits the narrative of the movement or plays to its prejudices, you can say whatever you want. Dishonesty and inaccuracy provide for lucrative career opportunies and advancement. No slander is to great: just ask Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or the rest of the folks who go around asserting/implying things such as Bill Clinton is a rapist or that Vince Foster was murdered by the Clintons.

Republicans can apparently just make up anything they want. And then keep saying it long after its been pointed out that they are lying.

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