Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Glenn Beck thinks ACORN might assassinate him

Today on his tv show, Glenn Beck told his audience to be skeptical if he dies in a car wreck or a suicide. He was only half kidding, and was implying that he might be killed for the paranoid segments he's been running supposedly exposing the nefarious mega-conspiracy that is ACORN. The notion of a phony suicide also recalls the sickening conspiracy theories that were generated during the Clinton presidency about the suicide of Vince Foster; a man who was driven to suicide by a relentless conservative movement media attack (his suicide note read that the Wall Street Journal editorial page lied with impunity) only to then have that same media then speculate that he was murdered by the Clintons.

I'll update this post later when I have more time and other bloggers have gotten a chance to comment, but for the moment I just want to observe, again, how disturbing it is that someone with the issues Beck has has been given a heavily promoted tv program on an alleged news network.


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