Thursday, September 10, 2009

Martyr complex

Looking through Glenn Beck's Twitter page, I noticed a peculiar recurrence of tweets asking people to "pray for more time" and such; and others where he reminds his audience "MLK/Ghandi." For instance

Another week begins.PRAY as never b4. CRY OUT for protection on our country, her people and her leaders.PRAY 4 peace & more time.MLK/GHANDI
First, recall that Beck appears to consider himself some sort of reincarnated Thomas Paine, as evidenced by him writing a book titled Common Sense combined with stunts like this

And I can't help but think what my great, great grandfather used to say — I haven't told you this before but my great, great grandfather is Thomas Paine. And we were like this. I mean, he really was. And he was a gateman and, of course, we were so close.

I remember when he used to take me fishing but that's a different story. If I could channel my great, great, great grandfather right now, gee, what would he say to America today?


BOB BASSO, "THOMAS PAINE": The time for talk is over. Enough is enough. Your democracy has deteriorated to government of the government, by the government, and for the government. On April 15th, that despicable arrogance will be soundly challenged for the whole world to see.
So in addition to his delusional belief that he's anything like Thomas Paine - one of the early champions of the democratic welfare state - it appears that Beck also believes himself to be some sort of MLK or Ghandi figure leading his followers in revolt against an oppressive regime.

My first guess on the "pray for more time" bit was that Beck is hoping for more time before "liberal fascists" begin rounding up conservatives. But then I remembered Beck warning his audience that ACORN or the Obama administration (or the "powerful forces" working for it) might assassinate him. And then I saw this

This game is for keeps. This is who controls the United States of America and its destiny. Is it you? Or is it a group of elites? I'm fighting for you and me, my children, your children. I would ask you for one thing. Please, keep me in your prayers, keep my staff in your prayers, for safety, for wisdom, please. I'm asking you. Because I -- I just will tell you, as I have before, we have the truth on our side; we also have God on our side. If you believe the founders were divinely inspired, well, with firm reliance on divine providence we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. Just pray for protection, please.
and this

BECK: Please keep me in your prayers along with my family and the people that work with me.


You can try to put the lid on this group of people, but you will never silence us. You will never -- you can shoot me in the head, you can shoot the next guy in the head, but there will be 10 others that line up. And it may not happen today, it may not happen next week, but freedom will be restored in this land. Period. And no matter what you want to call it, it is a totalitarian state that you're headed towards.
Really, this is just surreal beyond my ability to articulate.

I must reiterate that I find it a bit troubling to consider that there is apparently a sizeable audience that shares in Beck's delusions; much more so that Fox News finds it politically or financially profitable to unleash this kind of democracy eroding crazy on the American public.

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