Friday, September 18, 2009

Is there anyone sane working at Fox News?

If there is, what intellectual leaps and hurdles those individuals must be capable of, to rationalize working at a network that has unleashed this madman on America.

That's Glenn Beck saying that President Obama is at the head of a communist revolution conspiracy which links him to ACORN, SEIU, Woodrow Wilson, Saul Alinsky, and Che Guevera.

What evidence does Beck have to link them? Well, he drew a tree, put all their names inside the tree and drew lines connecting them. Since Che Guevera is a murderous Marxist radical and Glenn Beck connected Obama, Alinsky, et al to him by literally drawing a line connecting them on a chalk board, Obama is in the process of implementing a totalitarian communist revolution. QED.

And Woodrow Wilson and the Students for a Democratic Society are the same thing. The air tight evidence? Beck wrote SDS above Wilson's name.

And since Beck has connected the "progressive" Wilson to the "progressive" Obama, we can expect Obama will soon start putting critics in prison for sedition. Beck conveniently forgot to mention that the "Red Scare" was a major impetus for repression during the Wilson administration; a minor detail, I suppose, when it comes to portraying Obama and Wilson as both being agents of a century long conspiracy to foment a communist revolution in the United States. Plus, we all know "liberal fascists" like, say, Walter Karp absolutely love Woodrow Wilson.

Beck does have a point, however. I remember not too long ago when a couple of prominent progressives - Michelle Malkin and Ben Shapiro - were calling to prosecute Al Gore for sedition under the same statute Woodrow Wilson used against his opponents. In his full article featured at the Marxist propaganda outlet, Shapiro, after warning his readers not to "buy into the slogan" freedom of speech, suggested that maybe putting Bush critics in concentration camps would be necessary to win the "war on terror."

Beck must have forgotten to pencil his frequent guest Malkin into the "tree of revolution."

Update: You can see the influence Beck's intellectual hero Cleon Skousen has had on him by listening to this lecture about new world order conspiracy theory. (h/t Rod Dreher)

Update II: Dr. Steven Taylor at Poliblog notes the similarity in style between Beck and End Times evangelists like Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe.

The style is one of breathless revelation of what is presented as complex and hidden truths that become obvious once sufficient light is cast upon them by a sufficiently savvy interlocutor. Ultimately it became a mix of half-truths, obfuscation, exaggeration, and seeming knowledge–all of which would take too much time for most people to even bother trying to sort out.


Dan Doel said...

I saw a couple minutes (about all I can stand) of Hannity this evening, and he was talking to a panel about "who is the most dangerous radical Obama has appointed?" or some such. And someone's answer went something like "I'd say Bill Ayers, but since he wasn't appointed for anything..." Hannity seemed to think that was a pretty fair assessment.

So if even the "reputable journalists" think that bit of guilt-by-association is still good stuff, how much more gymnastics does it take to think Beck isn't completely in fantasy land?

(Not that I think being associated with Ayers is that big a deal, considering he's a college professor these days. But even if it were (and to Fox viewers, it probably is), the alleged connection has to have been debunked for almost a year now.)

Hume's Ghost said...

In that clip, towards the end, Beck tells his audience that part of the conspiracy to create a "Matrix" like computer program by Obama is having Bill Ayers teach radicalism to college students. Or something like that.