Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beck almost says it

Yesterday, when I heard Glenn Beck say that he'd be discussing President Obama's address to the U.N. with John Bolton, I already knew what to expect. As Dave Neiwert has noted previously, when Beck and Bolton get together to talk about such things, they come pretty close to talking about New World Order conspiracy theory without flat out saying it.

I kind of missed the phrase "New World Order"; though Beck hasn't hesitated to promote the NWO theories previously, in all these cases he scrupulously avoids the phrase, even when his content is straight from NWO theorizers. But other than that, this was a classic piece of Patriot-movement propaganda. Especially the part about the "range of issues."
Which is why I thought it significant when during the segment Beck said to Bolton that President Obama is moving the United States towards "One world order."

Of course, checking You Tube to find this particular clip (it's not there yet, as far as I can tell), I see that Neiwert isn't entirely correct.

And here's the transcript from a day before (I believe) the clip above.

You add global finance, France, the UN, Russia, China has asked for a global currency. France said yesterday or day before, new world order. One financial system needs to come out of this. Last night for the first time ever all the central banks globalized and they all made one move together and they're all now saying we need to meet, we need to control the globe's financing. The UN is talking about a UN financial network. One currency. You add to the disenfranchisement now, what is it, 79% of Americans are Christian? How many of those actually still believe in the resurrection, how many believe still really in the return of Christ? 50%? 40%? I don't know, but it's large, that actually say, you know, there is some day where all these things are going to come true. Well, one world finance, one world currency, new world order, going to spook the bejesus out of those people.
Update: Unrelated to Beck's new world order conspiracism, but equally demonstrative of his derangment, in his new book, Beck asserts that Woodrow Wilson and FDR (and Tiger Woods) are bigger "bastards" than Hitler, Pontius Pilate, Pol Pot, and Robert Mugabe. Keith Olbermann is worse than Hitler; Teddy Roosevelt and Bernie Madoff are listed as worse than Mugabe and Pol Pot.

Yes, this is supposed to funny. But it's not. The Tiger Woods bit falls flat; the rest is humor predicated on the assumption that the audience hates the targets of the "joke" as much as Beck does.

Update II: I'd be remissing in not reminding who it is that Beck believes is busy facilitating this "one world order": ACORN.

That video above is just unbelievable, unbelievable that it was broadcast on what is supposed to be a mainstream tv network. It could just as easily fit in here, with these other fringe/lunatic conspiracy theories (Someone left that link in response to a Ron Paul post I wrote.) Really, let's think about this: Beck is floating the idea that the economic meltdown was manufactured by ACORN as part of a 40+ year plot to usher in a socialist government and that Obama is ACORN's Manchurian frontman of the conspiracy.

That's just as crazy as any other conspiracy about sinister forces secretly working behind the scenes to control the fate of the world. ACORN plays the role in Beck's conspiracy that Jews, Illuminati, Masons, or the Bilderbergs play in other paranoid, New World Order type conspiracies.
So to recap Beck's worldview: a thuggish/totalitarian, murderous minority/poor advocacy agency with incredible powers is working to crash the American government by "overwhelming the system" in order to install a Marxist government headed by a black nationalist backed by a Marxist black nationalist army of brownshirts* (in reality a highschool dance group), ultimately a step towards creating a one world government. The money behind this plot is fronted by George Soros (Jewish international financier) and the mastermind is Saul Alinsky (Jewish radical.)

I don't believe for one second that Beck understands the implications of the above (I think he's too dumb, to be honest) but this sort of secularized scapegoating and conspiratorial thinking plays to volatile and divisive emotions.

It's easy to see how this sort of rhetoric can draw extremists into his audience, confirming their worst fears and serving (in their minds) to legitimize their own bigoted beliefs.

*Don't expect the notion of fascist Marxists to make sense.

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