Sunday, September 06, 2009

Imagine if Ali Soufan made as many tv appearances as nepotistic torture advocate Liz Cheney

Let's do this stream-of-thought style:

Liz Cheney has no expertise on the subject of torture or interrogation. Yet Liz Cheney makes never-ending appearances on tv to talk dishonestly about torture and interrogation. Liz Cheney's father helped create an illegal torture regime, violating both international and domestic law, potentially making her father a war criminal. So when Liz Cheney goes on tv and someone states the fact that waterboarding is torture, she replies snidely and dismissively that waterboarding isn't torture and only un-serious people think it (and the other forms of torture implemented by her father) is. Despite this, she'll be asked back again and again to lie to the public about the effectiveness of torture, it's legality, and its morality.

Imagine what kind of America we might have if instead of briging on someone who is more interested in keeping her father out of prison than human rights and objective reality, news programs brought on FBI interrogator and top al Qaeda expert Ali Soufan to discuss the subject.

Soufan has written an op-ed for the New York Times which rebuts the latest round of pro-torture lies from the Cheney clan.

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