Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Fox "reporter" in action

You know how movement conservatives incessantly whine about the "liberal bias" of actual reporters? Can you recall an incident - ever - of a reporter going on air and doing something remotely analagous to endorsing a moronic call to "get these liberal communists out of our government?"*

And Griff Jenkins ... this guy may be the biggest tool on television. He's one of the primary stalker/producers sent out by Beck and O'Reilly.

*Most people who have not had their head filled with the propaganda of the Fox/Drudge/Limbaugh axis of misinformation would note that "liberal communist" is a nonsensical phrase, but one should understand that for the Fox News target audience, "liberal" does not imply a political leaning, preference, or philosophy so much as it is a label for a category of humans. A category which is routinely characterized as evil (e.g. see Sean Hannity's Deliver us From Evil) and unAmerican (e.g. see Ann Coulter's Treason). Thus, the "liberal" can be either a communist or fascist.

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