Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You say you want a revolution?

A columnist for Newsmax wrote a blog entry on the website the other day (since removed) in which he asserted that President Obama's behavior may result in a military coup as a means of solving the "Obama problem." The "problem," according to the author, is that Obama is installing a Marxist state.

Media Matters notes that this military coup fantasy is part of a larger pattern of revolutionary rhetoric from within the conservative movement.

This increasingly violent, revolutionary rhetoric coupled with the apocalyptic fears completely detached from any kind of objective view of reality leads me to suspect that for such hardcore movement conservatives there simply is no such thing as a legitimate government that is not run/dominated by leaders they view as part of their In-group. That's why I've been calling this phenomenon conservative supremacism.

I'm also pleased (sarcasm) to see the Newmax writer using the same Orwellian tactics that Lanny Davis used to defend the military coup in Honduras. That is to say, using the military to overturn the results of an election is characterized as a lamentably necessary means of saving democracy and the Constitution.

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Anonymous said...

'The "problem," according to the author, is that Obama is installing a Marxist state.'

Oh, but wait, I thought Obama was a fascist, not a Marxist. I'm so confused...