Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Peter Singer reponds to Glenn Beck

The past month or so, as one of his ongoing conspiracy theories in which Glenn Beck replays footage or a quote from some figure over and over again and then says the same thing about it over and over again as if that makes it true, Beck and the never-ending stream of corporate front group fake consumer advocates he brings on have been saying that Cass Sunstein is a dangerous radical and what not because he's a disciple of Peter Singer.

Dave Weigel asked Peter Singer about that and here is his reply

It’s absurd. Cass Sunstein has developed his own views on this issue. You might as well say that Glenn Beck is a disciple of Lyndon LaRouche because they agree on opposing the public health care option. (Incidentally, Glenn Beck’s characterization of my views in that clip is also a grotesque distortion.)

My “work” with Cass Sunstein on these issues consists, in its entirely, in my attending a one-day workshop at the University of Chicago some years ago on a proposal to label animal products so that consumers could know more about how the animals were treated. If I recall correctly, the workshop was co-hosted by Sunstein and Martha Nussbaum.

He also once reprinted an essay of mine in a book that he co-edited with Nussbaum.

That’s it.
Weigel says that he also spoke to David Martosko (the fake consumer advocate) and will have more on this subject later.

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