Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Glenn Beck's scary black Obama youth army is really a high school dance group

Remember Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin telling Beck's audience that President Obama was secretly building an army of Marxist black nationalists?

Matt Osborne at the Huffington Post has sourced the footage that Beck used in that segment. (h/t Dave Neiwert)

"Stop, stop, stop!" Glenn Beck cries -- as the Secret Negro Army™ declares its intentions to become doctors and lawyers. (Shudder!)

Beck acts like it's a mystery who these "dangerous" black children are. "They've sealed this as tight as a drum," he says with his characteristic nervous urgency. The subtext is clear: be afraid! Be very afraid of this mysterious video!

Well, mystery solved. Thanks to one of my commenters at Osborne Ink, Obama's Secret Negro Army™ has been positively identified...as high school step dancers.
But here is the key point, made by Osborne after he points out how easy it is to find information about such step groups and footage of them on YouTube

How could Beck be unaware of all this? He's got a multi-million dollar contract and a horde of investigative journalists at the Fox News Channel, and he can't get this basic information in two weeks? Please. It took me five minutes and cost nothing, and I've never watched step dance before in my life.

Obama's Secret Negro Army™ is a fabrication, and so is the outrage. Putting Farrakhan in between two Black Panthers at a polling station and a student step dance video is pure, unadulterated racist fearmongering. Glenn Beck is a racist, and a disgustingly obvious one. That's no mystery at all: to date, 57 sponsors have already figured it out.
I don't completely agree. Fox News hardly employs many actual investigative journalists (a dying breed in corporate journalism, period) but the general point about Beck having the resources of the network behind him stands. And Beck clearly seems to have some issues with race.

How much longer can Beck remain employed at Fox News. I mean, the network is still pretending to be a news network, isn't it?

But then again, we already knew that Fox News doesn't mind its stars making stuff up to demonize minorities.


Matt Osborne said...

Thanks for the linkage!

The line about a "horde" of investigative journalists was meant as tongue-in-cheek humor, but I forgot to use snark tags. :-)

Hume's Ghost said...

Ah, that explains it.