Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What do you even say to this?

From today's Neal's Nuze

You Clayton County parents committed America's most pervasive form of child abuse when you took the most precious things in your lives, your children, and handed them over to the government to be educated.
Is it possible to argue with this level of crazy?

Neal Boortz believes that allowing your children to attend public school - which he will only refer to as "government school" - is child abuse.

This is the sort of person that wins a private audience with our president.

Update: I was remiss in not pointing out the form of Boortz's anti-government extremism. Boortz is a libertarian ideologue who considers public education to be part of a Marxist communist plot. Since public schools are not commercial enterprises they are Evil and thus were created with the purpose of brainwashing children into being slaves to the (nascent?) communist government.


Alan said...

Of course I don't agree with Boortz, but for entirely different reasons, it can be argued that public schools are by and large failing to provide children with a robust education.

It is, of course, nuts to insuate a Marxist plot. If anything, it was the rise of capitalist industry which transformed the educational system from a venue of classical learning to that of producing literate factory workers (a bit of irony lost on Boortz)

Finally, on the other side of the coin, perhaps this is how Dawkins sounds when he claims teaching a child religion is akin to child abuse. Even the most liberal and pluralistic of religious people I know recoil at that sentiment.

Hume's Ghost said...

I've linked to the essay "Whatever Shall We Tell the Children" before myself, but I don't consider teaching a child religion (or more precisely - labeling a child a particular religion and giving them no choice in the matter) is child abuse ... I just think it's a wrong.