Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Towards a banana republic

Another day, another case of the Bush adminsitration's efforts to put an end to the open society which is neccessary for a vital and functioning democracy.

Thankfully, Congress is busy berating Roger Clemens for potentially using steroid and/or HGH.

You know, if Congress must find something to occupy itself with to pretend to still be relevant, could they at least go after something like the amoral vultures that are the paparazzi? Let baseball deal with steroids ... how about doing something to put an end to swarms of stalkers following celebrities around, invading their privacy and stealing every moment of their life with thousands of camera clicks.

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Jennifer said...

Congress sucks. I voted for Democrats in 2006 so they'd end this crap. They all need to be booted out on their butts for not upholding the Constitution.