Friday, February 01, 2008

Is Bill O'Reilly demented?

I'm sorry. I no longer know how to consider this man's behavior as anything other than some sort of pathology that requires psychological examination. This is just too much.

Seriously, what the hell? First he mocks John Edwards for accurately citing the number of homeless veterans in America and then demands an apology from Edwards after learning the number is correct. And now he's gone and mocked Edwards - again - for accurately speaking about homeless veterans.

He's gone and done the same exact thing. It's crazy ... it's as if reality has no impact whatsoever on him. Edwards says there are homeless vets, O'Reilly calls him a liar. Edwards turns out to be right, and O'Reilly isn't fazed in the least. When people criticize O'Reilly for doing this he turns around and starts attacking them for being leftists or S-Ps or some such bogeymen. Edwards speaks correctly about homeless veterans again, and O'Reilly, having learned nothing at all from having been dead wrong, calls Edwards a liar again. And we can be sure that O'Reilly will again rationalize this away. I'm not sure it can be said that his mind still resides in the same universe as everyone else ... it's as if he's imprisoned himself in some solipsistic hell of his own making.

If Fox News had an ounce of integrity he would be removed from tv immediately. He is an embarrassment and a disgrace; but worse, protecting his ego is more important than helping homeless veterans.

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