Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton has not signed the American Freedom Pledge

Making her unique among leading Democrats, but consistent with all the Republicans with the exception of Ron Paul.

Brayton has the details. I would suggest that anyone who does not support the pledge has no business becoming president.

If Hillary Clinton is your candidate, I would urge you to contact the campaign and express the importance of restoring Constitutional balance.

Update: Brayton has updated his post to read:

This story is wrong. I picked it up from another source and neglected to check the date. The story at the Nation was from October and a week or so later, Hillary Clinton did pledge her support for this campaign. Mea culpa. Please ignore this story.



Alan said...


Brayton has posted an update in which he admits to making the mistake of picking up an old story.

Apparently Clinton has signed the pledge.


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