Sunday, February 17, 2008

Michelle Malkin the moderate

"[C]onservatives zealously police their own ranks to exclude extremists ..." - Michelle Malkin

So is it safe to assume that Mrs. Malkin does not consider fantasizing about the United States Marines doing to the University of Berkeley what it did to Fallujah extreme?

It really is staggering watching someone like Bill O'Reilly going on and on about how extreme and evil Daily Kos is while his former guest host (who would still be the regular guest host if she hadn't quit in protest over a dispute with Geraldo Rivera) is fine with listing an American college campus as a legitimate military target for the US Marines.

Remember O'Reilly going nuts because he found a handful of comments at Daily Kos that he found objectionable? Here's one from the Malkin link: "MM, Please post updated photo when the Marines place a check in the Berkley box."

Har. Har. Very funny, almost as funny as when Stop The ACLU posted its rope + tree + ACLU lawyer = pinata joke. Nothing funnier than jokes about lynching and military strikes against people who don't share your politics.

Greenwald has more to say on this psuedo-fanatical behavior.

Those who disparage wars fought by the U.S. military Mohammed are threatened with violence. Those who organize protests against the U.S. Government publish anti-Islamic cartoons have fatwas issued against them, threatening their welfare. Any public dissent from sacred military orthodoxies sacred Islamic dogma subjects one to deranged, dissent-intolerant and freedom-hating "warnings." We have to dismantle our Constitution and begin once and for all to "get our hands dirty" with silencing our Enemies because we're at War with those who want to do violence against those whose values diverge from their own.


gawker said...

Have you noticed that all these bloggers and tv personalities call their views, no matter how extreme, to be "center-right" views. Center because they sincerely feel they are being non-partisan and right because they obviously don't want to align themselves with those crazy lefties. In their mind, they feel they are representing the mindset of the majority of the US. All this while simultaneously denouncing the views of the majority of the US, calling them left-wing.

Hume's Ghost said...

Yeah, my favorite was when Malkin called registered Republican (at the time) John Cole a leftist.

And I've been meaning to e-mail Rob Dreher to see if he's got anything to say about Jonah Goldberg making him into a fascist by arguing that liking organic foods is fascist and what not in Liberal Fascism.