Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The transformation is complete: Bill O'Reilly is Joseph McCarthy

Hopefully either Crooks and Liars or Media Matters will post an audio clip later on so that I might update this, but if you happened to listen to the Radio Factor today you heard Bill O'Reilly assert that totalitarian anti-democratic communist/socialist extremists (aka Daily Kos and Move.org) now have a foothold in the Democratic Party. The clip needs to be heard to be believed.

He went on to state that while there are some extremist elements on the right, such as talk radio's hate campaign against John McCain, these elements do not have sway with the Republican Party. Which is why, of course, extremists such as Neil Boortz, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh who have promoted conspiracies about the Clintons having murdered Vince Foster get private audiences with the president. It's also why a woman who has lamented the fact that Timothy McVeigh did not bomb the New York Times building can get a warm introduction from Mitt Rommney at CPAC and then go on to call John Edwards a "faggot."

Last night, O'Reilly called David Shuster a "a far left ideologue." Apparently, making an offensive comment about Chelsea Clinton means you are a communist now. Which means Rush Limbaugh, who called a 13 year old Chelsea the White House dog, is also a far left ideologue.

Every time I've seen Shuster he has struck me as a typical bland tv journalist, but apparently I've happened to miss all the times that he's ranted about the need for the proletariat to throw off their capitalist masters and what not. Obviously, his remark about Chelsea Clinton being "pimped out" to the Clinton campaign is derived from Marxist dogma.

O'Reilly also stated that Shuster "shouldn't be working in the news business period" because he's an ideologue. Unlike, say, former regular O'Reilly Factor guest host Michelle Malkin. You know, the one who thinks that the placement of American citizens in concentration camps on the basis of their ethnicity was justified.

One can also take for granted that O'Reilly also considers regular Factor guest Ann Coulter less of a "partisan ideologue" than Shuster and the bloggers at Daily Kos. You know the Coulter whose hero is Joseph McCarthy and believes that the government should be torturing the "liberals" that it doesn't kill (because it can) in Guantanamo.


Sheldon said...

It is quite humorous in some ways to hear O'Reilly rant about calling people "far left ideologues", when he is quite the ideologue himself. Then he rants about personal attacks, and smear sites etc., which is exactly his methodology. wierd.

NAL said...

I'm not going to waste my time listening to O'Reilly. I rely on you for that dirty job.

/Chelsea is looking hot!

Alan said...

It would a poetic irony (or perhaps justice) if John McCain were to win the White House and turn around and use his newly minted executive powers to spy on the American public against those right wing radio personalities who are currently bashing him.

Wonder what they would think of FISA then?


Alan said...

Sorry meant to submit the above comment in the previous post.