Sunday, February 03, 2008

If movement conservatives don't like being called fascists ...

Dave Neiwert is currently writing a series about why the public tends to associate the conservative movement with creeping fascism. Here's my contribution to the conversation:

If movement conservative don't like being called fascists, then maybe their legal theory shouldn't sound a lot like Nazi legal theory. And maybe their conception of a "unitary executive" shouldn't also sound a lot like Nazi legal theory. And maybe the man who came up with the legal rationale for all of President Bush's unilateral authoritarian abrogation of human rights shouldn't seem like he's inspired by the chief Nazi legal theorist. And maybe the threshold for the President to assert his supposed Constitutional right to abrogate the rule of law shouldn't be lower than the threshold for Hitler to become dictator of Germany under Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. And maybe movement conservatives shouldn't use the same euphemism to describe it's use of torture that the Nazis used.

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Sheldon said...

We should also point to the aggressive nationalism and imperialist agenda of the conservative movement which is reminscient of Nazi and Italian fascist movements.

The Robert Paxton interview on NPR you posted to was an excellent primer. That fascism is clearly associated with nationalist resurgent movemnets.