Saturday, September 29, 2007

T-Warriors speak out!

Via Sheldon, here's a sampling of some of the heartwarming responses from some T-Warriors who are determined not to let "S-P"s ruin America to the students who protested the Pledge of Allegiance being recited in school because of the phrase "under God."

"wow okay my rear would of been beaten if I did that... but that's not allowed in school any more too so I guess let the kiddos whine"

Check. One call for corporal punishment of students who do not recite their loyalty oath.

"Hopefully the boarder won't hit their a**es on the way out of the country. It's a shame we can't deport anti-American Atheists like these brats."

I hear that deporting "the anti-German Jews" was first considered the best away to achieve a national spirit of Gleichschaltung.

"I would hope that someone is compiling of list of names of these nut-job kids and other space-heads like them. I certainly would not want to hire anyone of them, or have them do any kind of work for me or my family at any point in the future. I have the right to 'vote with my dollars' and I exercise that right every chance I get - From the Dixie chicks to alex Baldwin and Susan Saradon. Please let me know who may be keeping track of names."

With all due respect to the late Molly Ivins, I expect that sounded better in the original German.

"Put these little snots on an airplane and take them to any third world country in the world. Leave them there for 6 months and then bring them back. I think they will change their tune about 'one nation, under God.' If not send them back and forget about them. We don't need people like that taking over as the next leaders."

This commenter has apparently come up with a slightly more humane version of the re-education practices of The Pary in 1984. This generous soul is willing to let the converted live and is content to confine the rest to banishment.

"These immature children make me sick

if you can't withstand one line of speech, free speech no less, then you need to leave because that's the basis of this country, free speech and God's protection

Apparently, the right to protest does not count as "free speech." And I was also under the impression that freedom of speech was a right that applied to citizens, not the State.

Of course, not all of the responses are from people who hold our civil liberties in contempt:

If a country has a constitution that guarantees freedom of worship, that freedom is not only for the majority, but also for a minority whose conscience does not permit them to participate in popular ceremonies. Constitutional guarantees are worthless if they protect only those who conform to the viewpoint of the majority or to those in power.

Justices Black and Douglas wrote a concurring opinion to the majority opinion of the Supreme Court, saying:

“Words uttered under coercion are proof of loyalty to nothing but self-interest. . . . Neither our domestic tranquillity in peace nor our martial effort in war depend on compelling little children to participate in a ceremony which ends in nothing for them but a fear of spiritual condemnation.”


Sheldon said...

"These immature children make me sick"

This one is quite comical. Here you have some teens who are concerned with something beyond their immediate social lives and popular music. That is actually quite mature if you ask me!

Sheldon said...

I also meant to mention that the call for keeping track of names for a blacklist is particularly scary.

Further evidence that a totalitarian impulse is coming from the right-wing in this country.