Friday, September 14, 2007

Real hate speech

Via Ed Brayton, we see that the domestic terrorist organization Army of God sent an intimidation letter to a Michigan gay rights activist this September 11 commanding him to renounce his "filthy Satanic lifestyle." The letter seems to imply that the group is also anti-Semitic with potential neo-Nazi leanings.

Since the letter was sent on 9/11, I'm assuming the Army of God meant for that date to suggest to the letter's recipient an implied threat of an upcoming attack on himself, which is further intimated by the quoting of a passage from Leviticus (perhaps the most barbaric section of the Old Testament) calling for the execution of homosexuals.

Could someone please foward this letter to the Catholic League's Bill Donohue so that he can get an idea of what the difference between hate speech and Kathy Griffin's "suck it, Jesus" remark is. Maybe, O'Reilly should have a copy sent his way, too, since he thinks there is "no difference" between Nazi hate speech and the content of Daily Kos.

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