Thursday, September 06, 2007

Change of plans

I didn't realize how much space my post on The Assault on Reason was going to take up, so I'm going to stagger the publishing of the other posts I have planned seeing as the others are longish, though not as long. (Plus, in the meantime I might go back and fix the numerous typos that are in the Gore post.)

That means tomorrow will be the review of Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter.

Update: I'm not going to have time to put up the review today, but it will 100% - barring some sort of unforseen occurrence - go up tommorow.

If you're wondering what happened, I'm tweaking the remaining two reviews (the othe being Tragic Legacy) slightly so as to develop a general theme through the three.

Oh, and the review of Our Endangered Values is going to be about the same length as my post on The Assault on Reason, afterall.


Spocko said...

Whoo hoo! I have Our Endangered Values by my bed and just read a chapter last night. I was trying to find some thing that would help me understand, and then battle, the evil that comes from the mouths of so called Christians regarding their fellow humans following Katrina.

Of course I'm thinking of these kind of comments.

Looking forward to your review.
P.S. The second on Jesus and peace is an interesting on and Christians and war. I've noticed that the "Just War" theory is rarely mentioned in regards to Iraq

Spocko said...

Spocko said...

Damn halo scan!