Friday, September 14, 2007

Latest global warming denial absurdity

Fred Singer and Dennis Avery believe that sunny Medieval paintings are evidence against global warming (because the current warming is part of a natural cycle.)

For a previous rebuttal of this dynamic duo's "debunking", see this RealClimate entry.

And in other news, the Arctic may be ice free in the summer by 2040. Which means the days are also numbered for the polar bear.


Sheldon said...

Thanks for posting that link to Real Climate.

One thing I have been musing over is this larger idea that the denier's assertions that the warming could not be anthropogenic.

It is quite an extrordinary belief to think that all of the energy harnessed since the beggining of the industrial revolution has not had the consequences that we observe today.

They actually think that humans can take such drastic and profound actions in the world, yet deny that these actions have any effect on eco and climate systems.

I just find that an interesting, and delusional belief. A testament to how political ideology can blind people.

A reasonably intelligent and fair minded person should be able understand the theory of anthropogenic global warming, and conclude that it is viable theory to explain the phenomoena.

We Are The 801 said...

Receive money from a big corporation & you too can spout utter bullsh!t & be taken seriously! :-)