Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I guess they're even

I mentioned before that one of the back cover blurbs for The End of Faith is Alan Dershowitz saying that Harris exposes the secular fanaticism of Noam Chomsky, which I suspected was a swipe at Chomsky over his position on the Israeli/Palestinian dispute.

I now see that the feeling is mutual. I was flipping through What We Say Goes the other day and I came across a passage in which Chomsky accused Dershowitz of fanatacism. According to Chomsky, Dershowitz stated that 80 percent of the Lebanese population supporting Hezbollah means that 100 percent of the population are legitimate targets for Israeli reprisal attacks.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I told you about when I had to read Dershowitz's pro-torture essay and thought it was supposed to be Swiftian satire.

Of course, if you read Chomsky or watch him speak, he doesn't seem like much of a fanatic. Arguably the most mild-mannered public speaker alive.