Friday, September 28, 2007

I hate George W. Bush

I really do.

So instead of taking part in an international process to set emissions standards to combat global warming President Bush came up with an alternate meeting and proposed agreeing on a goal to reduce CO2 emissions.

It it so infuriating and frustrating and offensive and insulting for this moron of a man to utter such meaningless bullshit and expect this nation and the world to take him seriously. What Bush's proposal amounts to is this: nothing. He is proposing doing nothing about global warming, but expects that his audience will fall into the trap of believing his empty rhetoric is equivalent to action.

Such b.s. constitutes an assualt on democracy, as Bush is attempting to disguise his policy of stonewalling action on global warming so that his fossil fuel industry constituency will remain happy as an attempt to address a problem that a significant portion of the American public (although acknowledgement of global warming divides disturbingly along partisan lines) wants action taken on.

Of course, this is pretty much how Bush runs every facet of his p.r. presidency. Style over substance, bullshit over truth. Propaganda over reality.

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