Thursday, July 05, 2007

Neal Boortz is a moron: Pt 3

It seems that I can't keep pace with the idiocy of Boortz. What I had intended to be Part 2 is now going to become Pt 4. First, let me explain why I'm doing this.

Its not so much that Boortz says stupid things that bother me. It's that he's a jerk. If you listen to his program, he's extremely smug and self-certain and routinely calls other people stupid and unintelligent and losers and what not. And yet he routinely says things that are just plain dumb.

Plus, like O'Reilly, he's a big baby. He can dish it out, but he can't take it, even when he's demonstrably in the wrong.

He routinely condescends to his callers and is rude to them, even when they are correct and he is wrong. Case in point, a month or two ago a caller told Boortz that he should be outraged over President Bush's abrogation of habeus corpus. Boortz demanded of the caller if Bush had signed any bill that explicitly said that habeus corpus was suspended. When the caller answered "no, but..." Boortz hung up on him and said "thanks for telling the audience the truth." Except the truth is that President Bush had indeed asserted the right to suspend habeus corpus WITHOUT any bill granting him that right. It's part of the Yoo theory of a unitary executive and it's the principle under which US citizen Jose Padilla was held in prison for years without charges.

Today Boortz told a caller that "Scooter Libby and Bill Clinton got sentenced and convicted for exactly the same crime." Wrong.

Seriously, does Boortz have to work at being this dumb? Bill Clinton perjured himself in a civil deposition regarding a consensual sexual affair with another adult. He was not indicted with any crime. Scooter Libby perjured himself to a grand jury investigation, but not only that, was charged and convicted with obstruction of justice. Patrick Fitzgerald has stated that because of Scooter Libby a cloud remains over the investigation into the leaking of the indentity of a covert CIA agent.

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