Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another attempt of the Bush administration to circumvent democracy

Nope, I'm not referring to the administration's disgusting refusal to submit itself to oversight in regards to the death of Pat Tillman, a man who gave up his millionaire celebrity life to serve his country and then after being killed in action had the nature of his death hidden from his family so that he could be used as a prop to help sell a war (in Iraq) that Tillman himself considered to be a distraction from the mission he enlisted for.

This time is about Team Bush attempting to get some deadly to porpoises sonar approved before the public or scientists can have a say in the matter. If you click the link (and I hope you do) you'll see that Mr. Neiwert has provided the contact info of the agency that is responsible for gathering public feedback. Although you might tend to dismiss this issue as trivial in light of other abuses by this administration, it's important to stand up for democracy wherever it is challenged, and the environment is an area in which President Bush has waged what I consider to be his most successful anti-democratic campaign, as it is an area that the public does not fully grasp how deeply antithetical to the principles of democracy the Bush administration's approach to the environment has been.

Incidentally, does anyone out there watch the WB program Smallville? A season or so ago there was an episode - entitled Aqua - where Lex Luthor attempted to sell a sonar weapon to the US military which would have killed sealife whenever it was employed. One would guess that the shows writers were inspired by the actual story that Newiert writes about.

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