Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bill O'Reilly, How do I detest thee? Let me count the ways (Pt 2)

I'm not going to actually count all the ways I detest O'Reilly, as it would take too long. So let's just start here.

"One of the great things about America is that most of us understand right from wrong. The secular-progressives are trying to blur that, but they're losing."

Don't you just love O'Reilly? The guy has the nerve to lecture the nation about hate and bigotry while these kinds of comments are a dime-a-dozen from him.

I think I need some clarification. Do the secular-progressives, unlike most Americans, not understand right from wrong; or do they understand the difference but seek to blur it for some sinister, international financier (ethnically Jewish) George Soros master-minded open borders/one world gov't S-P plot?

I mean, given O'Reilly's history I'd have to guess ... er, I don't know ... maybe both?

I'm going to digress once and then I'll try to keep the rest of the post on a single subject. In the same Talking Points that O'Reilly stated that "s-p"s are trying to blur the line between right and wrong he also stated:

"U.S. corporations have an obligation not to reward bad behavior. And sometimes consumers have to remind them of that obligation."

I reiterate my response from Pt 1: oh yeah? Now, that's just the first example that came to mind, and the easiest for me to use since I'd already posted about it. But one could easily go on and on with examples of "bad behavior" from O'Reilly. For example, how about this? I would categorize ordering in furious rage your co-host's mic cut while asking your producer "what can we do to her" and then telling your audience that she's a liar and a propagandist when in fact she is 100% correct and you are 100% wrong as, let's say, unprofessional. Go ahead and tack on to that all the other guests that had their mics cut or have been told to shut up by O'Reilly, including Jeremy Glick, to whom O'Reilly intimated a physical threat. Oh yeah ... then there's this (which is, frankly, difficult to watch):

But back to O'Reilly's own dabbling in bigotry.

The Talking Points memo that started the show I wrote about in Pt. 1 was titled "The Difference Between Liberals and the Far Left." I think it's fair to assume from the title that the rest of the memo would then go on to explain the difference between liberals and the far left, correct?

Well, no.

The memo in actuality tells us that positions that are commonly understood to be liberal positions are in point of fact representative of the far left, that is to say, communism. Or to put it another way: instead of telling us what the difference between liberals and the far left is, O'Reilly told us that liberals ARE the far left. But in the process, we find out that positions that are held by a wide number of people across the political spectrum (e.g. we should withdraw from Iraq, warrantless domestic spying on US citizens is illegal, the US gov't shouldn't imprison people or torture them in violation of US and international law etc.) are far left (communist) positions.

Yep, someone go tell Ron Paul he's a communist because he wants us out of Iraq. Tell Ronald Reagan's National Security Director General William Odom that he's one, too. While you're at it, better let Bruce Fein, the guy that wrote the article of impeachment against Bill Clinton, know that he's part of the radical left because he thinks the President should have to comply with the law and not be allowed to illegally spy on US citizens. And Bob Barr and Pat Buchanan ... both communists. So are Greg Djerejian and Andrew Sullivan. And all the folks at Reason magazine, better let them know. Nevermind, O'Reilly's fans already told Nick Gillepsie.

Yep, progressive taxation = communism. Liberals, apparently, are not in favor of progressive taxation ... uh huh, that's a key difference between liberals and the far left. Liberals especially are opposed to using said progressive taxes for the purposes of "socialized medicine" aka universal/public health care. Hold on while I go inform Thomas Paine's ghost that he was a far left commie. While, I'm doing that ... you can let Warren Buffet and Bill Gates Sr. and Bill Gates Jr. know that they are communists, as well.

And if we unroll Bush's tax cuts for the rich the economy will tank and billions of dollars will be lost because corporations will set up shop off shore. It's for certain that O'Reilly has not read Perfectly Legal: The Covert Campaign to Rig Our Tax System to Benefit the Super Rich - and Cheat Everybody Else by David Kay Johnston, otherwise he'd know that corporations are already using off shore accounts to dodge paying taxes (in addition to super rich people use various schemes to do the same) and that the current tax system is actually regressive and places the tax burden on the middle class. Oh, but Johnston works for the New York Times, which means that he's a far left "s-p" and can be dismissed. But then again, Kevin Phillips - the guy that came up with Nixon's Southern Strategy which yielded near Republican hegemony of the gov't - has made similar arguments, which obviously marks Phillips as another Marxist. And then there's arch far leftist Lou Dobbs.

Seriously, how did this guy get on television? This is supposed to be the "No Spin Zone"?

I'm stopping here, but I'll pick this back up when I post Part 3 later tonight.

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