Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"Fascist healthcare"

That is how Neal Boortz described Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan today on his radio program.

There is a portion of this country, I don't know how large, but guessing from the audience of talk radio I'd say it is in the millions, who no longer believe in democracy. This authoritarian portion craves one-party rule. It sees the world in black and white and is incapable of seeing things in degrees or shades of grey. Thus, an ideologue like Boortz can call anything that doesn't conform to his 9th grade economics level understanding of "the free market" communism/socialism/fascism - and again, he is unable to distinguish between any of those either. There is "capitalism" (as understood in absolutist terms by Boortz) and everything else is Evil totalitarian tyranny. This is like the religious fundamentalist who calls everyone who doesn't conform to his/her interpretation of dogma as "infidel" or "atheist" (ex. Jimmy Carter was dumbfounded when the newly elected president of the Southern Baptist Conference came to see him in the Oval Office and told Carter that he didn't approve of his secular humanist religion.)

Boortz has previously stated that public education and progressive taxation are essential planks of communism. I'll let The Vanity Press respond to that sort of thinking.

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