Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An answer for Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper of ABC news can't understand why the White House would dare to state that Fox News isn't a news organization, with Tapper not seeing the difference between ABC and Fox.

In addition to making the lame argument that its ok to employ Beck and Hannity because they are "opinion" shows, Tapper fails to realize that there is no line between news and opinion on Fox.

Eric Boehlert provides plenty of examples of the difference between ABC and Fox for Tapper in the first link, but I'll provide one more that jumps out at me.

Mr. Tapper, does ABC consider it acceptable to dehumanize reporters from another news organization, as retaliation for reporting unfavorable figures about Fox's ratings, by running doctored photos of them which transform them into anti-Semitic caricatures? Because Fox News does (also see here.)

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