Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fox News reaches another low

Media Matters documents Fox and Friends running images of a New York Times reporter and editor that were doctored to make them look unattractive, even somewhat inhuman (which is a consequence of, if nothing else, the fact that the photos look unreal.)

This is a subtle form of dehumanization. You know, the sort of thing that Nazis like to do. Just saying, might want to take notice of this kind of stuff, Mr. O'Reilly. He that lives in a glass house and what not.

Update: I'm not the only one who noticed the similarity between this and traditional anti-Semitic propaganda. And according to Wikipedia, Steinberg is Jewish.

Update II: This action from Fox should perhaps be viewed in this context, while remembering that many contemporary anti-Semites and white supremacists consider the New York Times to be a "Jewish" newspaper. Whether or not Fox intended to, they blew a racist dog whistle when they did this.


gawker said...

This is surreal. This is America's most watched News channel.

Hume's Ghost said...

Yeah, really. Everyone who works on this show should be fired for this ... I would expect to see something like this at a white supremacist site like Stromfront, but not a major television news network.

Considering that many anti-Semites consier the New York Times to be a Jewish paper, and that anti-"liberal" rhetoric often sounds like a coded attack on Jews, this is really out of bounds. I think this might be the most flatly evil thing I've seen done by Fox.

Spocko said...

Well it will be interesting to see what excuse they will use to get away with this one.

Because during my battle with a local talk radio station it was interesting to see how they tried to get away with it.

1) It was a joke
2) It was out of context
3) It was old.
4) I already apologized for it
5) It is just someone's opinion and it is a valid one.
6) We didn't really say what you heard us say.
7) They are picking on us because they don't like our conservative "values"

But the REASON that they even had to address me and What they actually said was because the ADVERTISERS said, "We don't like that, that isn't the kind of thing we support with our own politics and we are going to go elsewhere."

Each "excuse" has a response and a counter, so it will be interesting to see what route they go.

I also bet they will go the "mistake by an intern" route or the "Just joking" route.