Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Radio host laments inability to shoot UN rapporteur with rifle. Pelosi sure was wrong.

When Nanci Pelosi got emotional at the thought that extreme rhetoric might lead to acts of violence, she was widely denounced (putting it mildly) by the usual suspects, including Glenn Beck, despite him having poisoned Pelosi in effigy.

Yet here we have a typical example of someone on the radio casually joking about his desire to see someone from the UN killed. As Spocko noted, one need not even leave Pelosi's district to be confronted with extremist, vile hate speech on the public airwaves

[KSFO radio host Lee] Rodgers calling for genocide of the Iraq people

"You people do what ever you want to each other and [Iraq] just don't give us a reason to come back or we'll massacre every last damn one of you." (audio link) longer link MP3
Would you honor someone who called for the massacre of everyone in the nation of Israel?

Rodgers calling for the death of millions of Muslims in Indonesia

"Indonesia is really just another enemy Muslim nation. ... You keep screwing around with stuff like this we are going to kill a bunch of you. Millions of you."(audio link)
Would you toast someone suggesting millions of Christians be killed?

Rodgers talking about killing a person who disagrees with his political views.

"We'll trace you back, run you down and kill you like a mad dog." (audio link)
Rodgers calling for the torture and death of Kevin Holder.

"Now you start with the Sear's Diehard the battery cables connected to his testi cles and you entertain him with that for awhile and then you blow his bleeping head off."
Rodgers calling for liberals to be hanged (link)
Rodgers calling for politicians and bureaucrats to be hanged (link)
Despite this vile rhetoric, Rodgers was recently inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.

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