Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Before they burn in Hell they'll burn in effigy

More eliminationism from Randall Terry

In his latest attempt to drive attention to his hate-filled agenda, Terry has launched a contest to encourage people to make videos burning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) in effigy. Randall Terry’s press release states:

Join a Contest! Win Prizes!

Who Can make the best “Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid BURN IN HELL!” video?

First prize: Expenses paid for weekend here in DC during Roe vs Wade anniversary, Jan 22-24, including pro-life training seminar (Includes travel stipend!), and full Insurrecta Nex television series. [...]

Send link of your video by NOVEMBER 15, 2009 to: Burninhell@overturnroe.com

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Obey local laws on open flames; be careful; if under 18, do not burn Nancy Pelosi in effigy unless your mom or dad is with you, and gives you permission, and strikes the match; do not burn yourself; do not burn another human being; do not burn small animals; do not burn large animals; do not burn anyone from PETA; and remember: this is not a threat to Nancy Pelosi’s or Harry Reid’s person…it is a prophetic witness of what awaits them when they die if they do not repent for this horrific sin.
Right, not a threat. Just a contest to see who can best pretend burn Reid and Pelosi alive, based on the belief that burning alive is the fate that awaits them, based on the assumption that a supernatural entity intends to do the burning. In other words, Terry has simply attributed his desire to see Pelosi and Reid burn alive for their "sin" to a source which is held to be beyond question.

Terry has previously warned that abortion opponents may engage in acts of terrorism against members of Congress, and that "history will hold those in power responsible for the violent convulsions that follow."

Update: Anti-abortion extremists raise funds for the defense of the man who shot and killed Dr. Tiller on the grounds that it was necessary to prevent babies from being murdered. (So they think killing abortion doctors should be legal?)

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