Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More conservatives for PRAVDA

Recalling our previous encounter with conservatives who have found a new found respect for the former official state-controlled organ of communist Soviet propaganda, Dave Neiwert noticed a high profile convert

But Beck concludes anyway that Obama is marching us right into a Soviet-style decline and crumble:

Beck: Did you ever read Pravda?

Laffer: I did read Pravda, as a matter of fact.

Beck: Did you read that? Where they're like, 'What is wrong with the Republicans?' We're watching what happened to Russia -- Pravda gives us more truth than the American press!
He's referring, of course, the Igor Panarin's dire predictions of the fall of America, which, so far, have proven laughably wrong.
Also, you have to marvel at Beck starting out his show with a rant about the evils of budget deficits, followed by him bringing on Art Laffer to explain what should be done to fix the economy. If we lived in a country where one's credibility was related to how well one's views actually match up with reality, Laffer, like Beck, would not be taken seriously by anyone. His supply-side economics were put into practice by Reagan; deficits followed. His supply side economics were put into practice by Bush 43; a large surplus was transformed into a large deficit.

So in Beck's up-is-down fantasy world, who better to discuss how to confront deficits than the man whose ideas create budget busting deficits; ideas that empower wealth at the expense of democracy, so much so that even when the economy is crashed because of economic corporate gluttony, the tax payer ends up paying for it. In that alternate universe, it's not Laffer that holds any responsibility for the bailouts, deficits, or economic downturn, but the super sinister ACORN.

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