Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bill O'Reilly: dumber than a sack of rocks

Bill O'Reilly has responded to the sinister distortion of a photo of a New York Times reporter by Fox and Friends that the New York Times is being hypocritical because they caricatured him and added horns to his image.

The "caricature" he speaks of are accurate cartoon depictions of him in varying states of anger* (ever look in a mirror, Mr. O'Reilly?) and the "horns" are in fact the pointed ends of dialogue bubbles that are standard to comic books. And as Media Matters notes, there is nothing in the Fox and Friends segment to indicate that the doctored image of Steinberg was a caricature - it was presented as his genuine image.

Back when a diarist at Daily Kos put up an offensive and suggestive phony image of Joseph Lieberman unzipping President Bush's pants, Bill O'Reilly said that action makes Daily Kos no different than Nazis. Yet O'Reilly doesn't have a problem with Fox and Friends running a distorted image -presented as an actual image - of a Jewish New York Times reporter that resembles the caricatures of Jews traditional to anti-Semitic propaganda.

*I'm not sure Media Matters intended to do this or not, but if you look at the image of O'Reilly in the video screenshot on the right of the screen it is almost identical to the central cartoon "caricature" image of O'Reilly, with minor difference (e.g. mouth open, mouth closed).

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Sheldon said...

Funny how he always has to make it about him in some way.