Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The stupid is painful

Glenn Beck claims to admire the Founding Fathers. Says that the Founders would hate "progressives." That "progressives" were the tyrants and slave owners in the days of the Founders.

So I guess the Founders must have hated themselves.

I have absolutely no patience for anyone who says that Fox can claim to be a news network while employing anti-intellectual hacks like Hannity or Beck because they're "opinion." Opinion isn't a licence to toss journalistic standards of intelligence and factuality out the window in favor of profoundly stupid, reality detached hate-mongering.

It should be understood that within the context of the clip provided at the link and of his show in general Beck is saying that progressives are working towards making slaves of conservatives (and minorities.) At least that's the inference that many in his audience are going to draw.


Spocko said...

HG: I'd like your opinion of who and how someone should sue Hannity Beck and Fox for defamation. I think Kevin Jennings has a case for "actual malice" with Hannity. (the JOURNALISM level of defamation) but I wonder if that should have to even apply. It's nice that they could meet the standard, but the lower standard should also apply.

It wish that someone like Color of Change would defend Jennings and bring a suit. Remember, CoC was responsible for 100 advertisers leaving the Beck show. This has lead to some of the specific retaliation to Van Jones and others.

I know lots of lawyers who will say why they can not do defamation lawsuits, but I think people need to see the way a defamation lawsuit can be used to push a narrative.
FOX hosts are not journalists, they should not have the same defenses of journalists, so they should be sued for defamation. And then they will have to prove that they are journalists, which they can't and if they lose, which they should, then it will open up more of these jerks to financial damages for their lies. At that point suddenly if they want to stay financially alive they will have to start changing their behavior or making it more clear that you can't defame.

Hume's Ghost said...

I'm not familiar enough with the law to know when someone has crossed the line, although I'm guessing that the line has probably been crossed on occasion by some of these pundits.

It would seem to me that saying George Soros collaborated with Nazis in carrying out the Holocaust has got to be pretty darn close.

Hume's Ghost said...

I remembered that Eric Alterman once threatened O'Reilly with a defamation suit for saying he was a confident of Fidel Castro. I'm not sure what ever came of that.