Thursday, October 08, 2009

On watered-down hate

I've been saying that Glenn Beck promotes a (semi) secularized version of New World Order conspiracy theory which is structurally similar to the Protocols of Zion, accept that the conspiracy theory is presented in political rather than ethnic and sectarian terms.

So to recap Beck's worldview: a thuggish/totalitarian, murderous minority/poor advocacy agency with incredible powers is working to crash the American government by "overwhelming the system" in order to install a Marxist government headed by a black nationalist backed by a Marxist black nationalist army of brownshirts* (in reality a highschool dance group), ultimately a step towards creating a one world government. The money behind this plot is fronted by George Soros (Jewish international financier) and the mastermind is Saul Alinsky (Jewish radical.)
In her profile of radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Michelle Goldberg notices the same thing about the generic nature of such conspiracy theory. (Although she does not address, however, the point about minorities and Jews still ending up being the demonized scapegoats.)

On March 15, Jones released a documentary called The Obama Deception, which has been widely advertised in conservative media and viewed more than four million times on YouTube. The Obama Deception is basically a more detailed version of the dystopian scenario promoted night after night on Beck. Arguing that Obama is the front man for an oligarchy working to create a planetary totalitarian state, it is like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion stripped of any reference to Jews.


Sheldon said...

And then there is this garbage from Beck who uses irrational fear of the UN and govt. in relation to H1N1. But wants to keep his decison "private". What a slime ball!,2933,563161,00.html

Brian Barker said...

When One World Government comes, we will need a common international language as well. As a native English speaker, I world prefer Esperanto.

Your readers may be interested in Professor Piron was a translator with the United Nations in Geneva.

The argument for Esperanto can be seen at