Sunday, August 23, 2009

Useful health care links

- The Mahablog has a round-up of articles on health care that help to debunk various misconceptions about reform.

- Neal Gabler's "'Truth' vs. Facts' from America's Media"

Yet the danger of not insisting on the truth in a brave new world of constant lies is that it subjects our policies to whichever side shouts the loudest or has the most money to spend to mislead us. That is likely to lead to disastrous governance: a needless war, a great recession, a continuation of a failing healthcare system.

What it comes down to is that sometimes the media have to tell the truth not because anyone really wants them to but because it is the right thing to do -- the essential thing to do -- for the sake of our democracy.
- George Lakoff on how to frame the health care debate (h/t BlastFromGlast)

- Glenn Greenwald on how the mainstream Washington press is framing the potential failure to pass health care reform as being the fault of leftist ideologues.

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