Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Liberal fascism" versus reality

Via Think Progress

And there you have it. A Jewish man, talking about how much he loves the national health care in Israel, being told that he's worshipping "Hitler" (i.e. Obama) because he favors public health care, because, as Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg and Rush Limbaugh have no doubt told that woman, public health care is "liberal fascism."

Watch the end where she mocks the man for being upset about having to pay 8,000 dollars for two hours in an Emergeny Room (if you pay careful attention to the clip, her face is actually deranged with hate at that point.) That basic lack of decency and respect is a direct result of the dehumanizing, extremist rhetoric that is promoted on a daily basis in America on Fox News, AM radio, and throughout the "liberal media" which gives voice to conservative supremacists who equate "liberals" with Evil.

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malcontent said...

Mass hypnotism and pavlovian rage responses groomed through teevee and hate radio conditioning is how I read the media fueled American political condition today.

Crave the outrage. Know the liars by our labels. Lash out! Make them feel The Fear like you feel it day after day...