Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things that are only true inside Rush Limbaugh's radio booth

I just listened to another one of Rush Limbaugh's fact-detached incoherent rants about President Obama bringing fascism to America via expanded health insurance coverage. He continued on, explaining how the Marxists and fascists in the Obama administration are working towards this goal.

Right, because we know how Marxists and fascists historically loved to collaborate. Like when the Marxists and Communists in Nazi Germany "collaborated" with the Nazis by getting killed by them (and/or sent to concentration camps.)

Update: Here's the transcript

You know, President Obama is preparing to pass an extinguished torch to future generations of Americans. Remember President Kennedy? (JFK impression) "The torch has been passed to a new generation." Obama is going to pass a torch only the torch he passes is going to be extinguished. The torch he's going to pass is one of fascism.
And here comes the unintelligble rant I referenced

You know, something else that McCain did yesterday, and this is really so tired and worn out. At this town meeting, he said, "We have to take Washington back from the special interests." Folks, that is just vacuous psychobabble, in my humble opinion. We need to take this country back from the liberal Marxists that have taken over! The special interest that we need to fear is fascism! These special interests are all over Barack Obama's administration. After telling us they wouldn't be, they're all over the place.

The people that work for him are enriching themselves at the public trough like never before. And that's something people thought was going to change, but it hasn't changed. The fascists, the Marxists in this administration, they're working with the special interests.
And this is someone who is for all intents and purposes the intellectual leader of the Republican party. There is no reality in that rant, no substance. The only thing there - and its essentially the only thing that is ever present in Rush's rants - is the general message that "liberals" are anti-American monsters, hence them being equated with both Marxists and fascists at the same time. This makes absolutely no sense - at all - unless you divide your world into Good and Evil. With "Conservatives" being Good and everything else being Evil.

Of course, we know that Rush Limbaugh does in fact divide his world into Good and Evil. It's why he's the leading voice of conservative supremacism.

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