Friday, August 21, 2009

Can Rush Limbaugh say anything too stupid for his audience to accept?

Digby notes that the sort of idiocy that Rush Limbaugh and his imitators promote on a daily basis is one of the leading causes of so many Americans being so grossly misinformed about the issues of the day. Digby quotes Limbaugh telling his audience this

LIMBAUGH: I love it when the global warmers -- and I think they're -- you know, you people run around and you talk about the birthers and how irresponsible and off their rockers they are. The global warming believers are just as wacko as the birthers if you want to look at them as wacko. I mean, if there is a leftist equivalent of the birthers out there, it is the global warmers.
Ok, let's say you're a member of Limbaugh's audience and you're a global warming denier and are somehow capable of believing that World Net Daily (or any other fringe movement conservative website that promoters birtherism) and Scientific American (or any other scientific magazine/journal) have the same level of credibility. Even if that's the case this still makes no sense given the tiny inconvenient fact that Limbaugh is a birther!

He's been promoting birther conspiracy theory for months now on his show. Yet he's now using birther conspiracy to suggest that the people who recognize the reality of anthropogenic global warming are conspiracy theorists. This is completely incoherent.

What it indicates is that for Limbaugh - and his audience - "facts" aren't tethered to reality but to what use they can serve ideologically.

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