Friday, August 14, 2009

Gould and the Republic of Letters

I'm not sure why I didn't quote Gould from the introduction of I Have Landed the first time I wrote about his having dedicated the book to his readers for being part of the Republic of Letters, but better late than never:

In previous centuries of a Balkanized Western world, with any single nation sworn to enmity toward most others, and with allegiances shifting as quickly as the tides and as surprisingly as the tornado, scholars imagined (and, for the most part, practiced in their "universal" Latin) the existence of a "Republic of Letters" freely conveying the fruits of scholarship in full generosity across any political, military, or ethnic divide. I have found that such a Republic of Letters continues, strong and unabated, allowing me to participate in something truly ecumenical and noble. And, for this above all, I love and admire you all, individually and collectively. I therefore dedicate this last volume "to my readers."

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